The Tamil Eelam Society of Canada.


Toronto, ON Canada

The Free Services provided by The Tamil Eelam Society of Canada: LINC Classes (Literacy level 5), Job Search Workshops & Resume Preparation, Translation & Interpretation- (Tamil& English), Citizenship Application, Social Assistance, Disability Support Program, Housing, Commissioner of Oaths (Every Wednesday Free Service), Family Counseling (Every Wednesday), Volunteer Placement- Ontario Works. Please make an appointment & bring original documents.

News Hot Line: (416)463 3697

861 Broadview Ave. Toronto ON M4K 2P9
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Fax: (416)463 2620

1212 Bloor St. West, Toronto ON
Tel: (416)536 5678

21 Waden Ave. Toronto ON
M6H 4H3
Tel: (416)536 5678
Fax: (416)536 3878

2130 Lawrence Ave. Suite 204

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