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51-b Esna Park Drive
Markham, ON L3R 1C9 Canada

S.I.G. provides a wide range of HVAC and Mechanical services to private and public sectors in Canada. Our Company was established in 1973, and since has assembled an experienced and dedicated workforce. The pages which are attached, highlight some of the activities and capabilities of our various departments. SIG Mechanical Services was started in 1973. The company went through many development stages in order to be able to serve a wide spectrum of customers. Today SIG is serving many customers with diversified needs. The major three departments that are in-house are engineering, construction and service. Departments can act independently or collectively. Whether you are looking for the design of a clean room, the installation of an elaborate dust collection system or simply upgrade the HVAC system in your office building, we promise that your need will get the full attention. Accounting - [email protected] Administration - [email protected] Construction - con

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