Edmonton Tamil Cultural Association

#18, 2968 Ellwood Drive SW
Edmonton, Alberta T6X 0A9 Canada

The Edmonton Tamil Cultural Association (ETCA) was formed in the late 1970's and incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta on 15 November 1979. 


The ETCA currently has about 200 members, predominantly residents of the city of Edmonton, located in the Province of Alberta, Canada.  The main objectives of the ETCA are to:  

  •  Provide for the recreation of the members and to promote and afford opportunity for friendly and social activities 
  •  Acquire lands, by purchase or otherwise, erect or otherwise provide a building or buildings for social and community purposes 
  •  Encourage and promote amateur games and exercises 
  •  Provide a meeting place for the consideration and discussion of questions affecting the interests of the community 
  •  Carry on a literary and debating club for the discussion of topics of general interest, and to encourage the practice of public speaking among its members 
  •  Procure the delivery of lectures on social, educational, political, economic and other subjects, and to give and arrange musical and dramatic entertainments 
  •  Establish and maintain a library and reading room 
  •  Provide all necessary equipment and furniture for carrying on its various objectives 
  •  Provide a centre and suitable meeting place for the various activities of the community 
  •  Generally encourage and foster and develop among its members a recognition of the importance of agriculture in the national life 
  •  Sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the property of the society 
  •  promote and preserve the Tamil language and culture 
  •  undertake humanitarian and charitable activities 
  •  welcome and provide social assistance to newcomers to the Tamil community in Edmonton

Contact Detail

Contact Person: Raj Subramanian