Scotiabank says that slower job creation and weaker gains in household wealth will likely contribute to softer Canadian sales of cars and light trucks this year.

  2. RBC Too Big To Fail 20171121

    Royal Bank of Canada hiked its dividend as it reported a first-quarter profit of $3 billion, which was relatively flat compared with a year ago but beat expectations.

  3. StatCan Inflation July 20170818

    Statistics Canada reported Friday that the consumer price index rose 1.7 per cent year-over-year in January, a slight cooling from the 1.9 per cent increase seen in December.

  4. Cash

    Do you actually know what Canada spends its money on? As we prepare for next week's federal budget, let's start with a look at where the money really goes?

  5. CheapWine-3

    “We remain concerned that any provincial government believes it has the constitutional authority to impose trade bans on Canadian products based on their place of origin,” B.C. Wine Institute president Miles Prodan said in a statement.